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Bring more fish to the boat with these grouper, queen/red snapper, yellow eye/silk snapper, and tilefish rigs made by Three Buoys Tackle Company. While these deep fishing rigs are designed to be irresistible to specific fish species, they’re all suitable for any bottom fishing or deep dropping situation. Like Fish Razr, Three Buoys is a reputable company run by a family and a small team of experienced anglers. These rigs meet our high-quality standards, so order with confidence.

These rigs are outfitted with the very popular vanadium steel VMC Circle Hooks that are known for their lightness and strength. These deep drop rigs also feature 12 feet of 150-pound main line and 100-pound branch lines. This stealthy configuration lets the fish strike the bait without feeling the main line. They are also outfitted with Micro #5 Owner Gummy Glow Beads over the finishing crimp to really capture your prey’s attention. Top-of-the-line components and thoughtful designs make these lures some of the best in the business.

Fish Razr carries a vast variety of tournament-grade tackle from the most respected saltwater fishing brands in the industry, including our own in-house brand, Fish Razr. Explore all of our products to find exactly what you need for your next offshore adventure or tournament. If you have any questions about these deep drop rigs, our knowledgeable staff is happy to provide expert assistance, so go ahead and contact us anytime. Quality rigs yield quality results — it’s that simple. Stock up on grouper, queen/red snapper, yellow eye/silk snapper, and tilefish rigs today.

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