Wingman Spreader Bars

These innovative Wingman spreader bars are designed to troll outside of the turbulance of the boat and motors.  And allows you to easily run more bars thus catching more fish.  The center "squid head" has an offset keel to push the entire bar to the port or starboard dependent upon the syle you choose.  Wingman spreader bars come in two sizes (24 inch and 36 inch) in a varity of colors.  Mix up your spread to find what color the fish want on that particular day.  The metal bar is Stainless steel with aluminum hardware.  The shell squid are all professionally rigged in US using 300 pound monofilament line.  Each kit comes with a Machine Lure rigged on 300 pound mono with a Mustad 7691DT Southern Tuna hook.


  • Tracks 10' to 20' further than other side tracker bars
  • Cupped Wings for increase splash
  • Stabilizing Hyudrofoil
  • Solid, Injection molded body for durability

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