Tigress XD Poseidon Dredge Boom

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10.00 LBS


The Tigress Outriggers XD Poseidon fishing boom makes it possible for smaller center console boats to pull heavy dredges just like larger boats. Featuring a 7′ black fiberglass boom, an oversized 3/0 Folbe heavy-duty block pulley, a 14′ nylon safety tether with 316 stainless steel carabiner, a 500-pound stainless steel dredge dog swivel, and 50 yards of 400-pound Momoi outrigger mono line, this rugged saltwater accessory out pulls all other dredges on the market. It’s designed to fit a #4 bent butt—big game trolling rods like the LP Electric Reel or Hooker Electric brand dredge reels are ideal. Upgrade your center console boat today.

Tigress Outriggers is known for making high-quality gear, and this dredge boom is no exception. The right dredge fishing accessories can boost your success rate in a big way, allowing you to catch more fish every time you hit the water. It’s time to take your center console boat to the next level!

Fish Razr is where professional offshore anglers get their gear. We stock tournament-grade tackle from top brands, and orders $99+ include fast and free shipping. Add this fishing boom to your cart with confidence, and finish your setup with other essential dredge equipment and dredge and teaser baits. You don’t need the biggest boat on the water to catch monster game fish. Order the Tigress XD Poseidon Dredge Boom to unleash your boat’s full potential.

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