Choose a deep drop weight

Gone are the days of dropping a cinder block or brick down deep.  

Deep drop weights come in various styles and weights with brass eyelets for attachment.  The style you choose is via preferance.  We offer a couple styles.  Cannonball and Cylinder Deep Drop  The most popular is the cylinder style.  It has a single large brass eyelet at the top and comes in 12 different sizes ranging from 1 to 12 pounds.  The reason it is prefered over other styles and other in similar configuration is because of the width.  The width is 1.5 inches in diameter and fits nicely into most all standard size rod holders.  This allows the angler to work on getting the entire rig set up and ready to deploy without having a heavy weight rolling around the cockpit. Being that the deep drop is slender, it has shown to sink faster and hold less resistance to current.  Very popular amongst anglers catching swordfish, tilefish, snowy grouper and wreckfish.

The Cannonball has two eyelets which are positioned 60 degrees apart.  The theory is to attach one eyelet to your line, the other to the leader.  These styles are used in areas with less current.  Available in many different weights.