Dredge and Teaser Baits

Attract more fish to your spread with teaser baits.  Fish Razr offers a complete line of tournament grade dredge and teaser baits for the angler that wants to build their own dredges and teasers. If your looking for an easy to build but still customizable baits, look to our line of CustomZ teaser baits. All CustomZ baits come completely rigged and ready to snap together. If your looking for unrigged components our FlapZs (mud Flap),  squid, shad and holographic Fish Sticks and InciterZ are available in multiple sizes and colors.

Dredges and teasers are a must when offshore fishing. Its been proven that dredges increase results. With the development of new technologies and advanced artificial baits, anyone can easily pull a dredge. Still not ready to pull a dredge, a spreader bar keeps the fish close to the spread. Spreader bars are easy to use, they stay on the surface, and can be easily tied off to a cleat and hand lined in when a fish strikes close by. 

Want to catch Marlin? Utilize our Mud FlapZ, larger squids or take it up a notch and add our dredge lure heads in front of the FlapZ or natural baits.

Sailfish can't resist our Strips and Fish Sticks teaser baits

Want an easy to use dredge for meat fish? Fish Sticks and InciterZ are a good choice as they can be quickly pulled in and out of the boat, can be pulled at various speeds and are easy to use.