Dredge and Teaser Baits

Fish Razr offers a complete line of tournament-grade dredge and teaser baits for the angler that wants to build their own fishing teaser rigs and bait teasers. Proven to increase results, dredges and teasers are a must for offshore fishing. With the development of new technologies and advanced artificial baits, anyone can easily pull a dredge. If you’re still not ready to pull a dredge, a spreader bar keeps the fish close to the spread. Spreader bars are easy to use, they stay on the surface, and can be easily tied off to a cleat and hand lined in when a fish strikes close by.

Explore Our Collection

Our collection of fishing teaser rigs are designed to bring more fish to your boat. Our Mud FlapZ is great for catching marlin, StripZ and StickZ baits are a must for sailfish, and the InciterZ is perfect to easily lure in meat fish.

When you’re out on the open water, it’s important to have gear and tackle that can easily be dragged in and out of the water. Our collection of dredges and teaser baits can easily be adjusted, and when paired with our spreader bars, you can maximize efficiency to catch more fish.

Our Experienced Team

The crew at Fish Razr has years of experience on the water. Our pro anglers are dedicated to giving you the best when it comes to fishing teaser rigs, premium trolling lures, complete dredge kits, under hull teasers and stencils, and more. Our collection of saltwater tackle and gear has everything you need. So, whether you’re looking to restock your tackle or find something new, the team at Fish Razr is here to help.

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