StripZ Teasers

Our StripZ marlin teasers, sailfish teasers, and billfish teasers are just what you need to bring more game fish to the boat. An ideal choice for both spreader bars and dredges, these flashy mylar strip teasers are irresistible — take a look at them from the tower of your boat, and you’ll see them shining and shimmering. Mix and match various styles and lengths to customize your rig to perfection. We also have complete StripZ kits available.

Bring More Fish to the Boat

The bait you use matters. When you’re trolling for pelagic game fish, the last thing you want is to waste your time and money with ineffective teasers. Professionals and champions use our marlin teasers because they work — it’s that simple. Why mess with the rest when we have the best for less?

Beyond their proven track record, these teasers meet our high-quality standards. Our pro staff consists of experienced anglers who are proud members of the community. Rest assured, the Fish Razr brand never cuts corners. These rugged, high-performance teasers are built to hold up to regular use and abuse.

Shop Tournament-Grade Tackle

We have everything you need to build or upgrade a tournament-ready rig. Our pre-rigged StripZ teasers are an outstanding choice for anglers who don’t want to deal with setting up a custom rig. Our holographic teaser baits are also an excellent option for those seeking highly visible bait.

These versatile marlin teasers are suitable for all large game fish — they make exceptional sailfish teasers and billfish teasers too. If you have any questions, please contact us for expert assistance. Place your order with full confidence, and enjoy fast shipping at Fish Razr.