CustomZ Pre-Rigged Teasers

Our line of CustomZ dredge teasers, offshore teasers, and baits take the hassle out of building custom dredges and teasers. Each bait is pre-rigged with top-grade leaders and tackle and is designed to be attached together quickly and easily. Mix and match various pre-rigged dredge and teaser baits to create your own custom dredges, daisy chains, or spreader bars. Our tackle is extremely productive, vetted and approved by the community, and used by tournament champs all over the globe. Build your trolling rig with confidence.

Design Your Custom Rig

Our pre-rigged offshore teasers allow you to expand upon your setup, replace dredge teasers and baits, or change colors with ease. 9" squids can attach to 12" squids. Mud FlapZ, StripZ, and shad can attach to either squids or each other.

Offshore anglers are known for being picky about their trolling setups. Now you can really focus on creating a rig that meets your specific requirements and preferences. You’ve tried the rest, now use the best. Shop our selection of CustomZ pre-rigged teasers at Fish Razr today.

Shop Tournament-Grade Tackle

We stock a wide variety of offshore fishing products from our own in-house brand, Fish Razr, as well as the industry’s top brands. These dredge teasers and baits are a fantastic starting point for those seeking a simple solution to custom rig building, but we have plenty of other dredge and teaser baits available for those who prefer more of a hands-on approach. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us for expert assistance. Quality equipment yields quality results. Bring more fish to the boat with teasers that are made by anglers for anglers. Shop tournament-ready tackle at Fish Razr.