Toit Fishing Pliers

mutliple-toit-pliers.jpgToit saltwater fishing pliers bring ergonomics along with function and ingenuity. Forged from 410 stainless steel, these high-quality fishing pliers feature brazed tungsten carbide inserts, PVD Tialn surface coating, and a hand-finished, highly polished design. These rugged, eco-friendly pliers are all metal — no rubber, plastic, or silicone. Every tackle box needs at least one pair of pliers. These are professional-grade tools that won’t let you down.

  • Ergonomic Shape
  • Stainless Steel
  • Polished Design
  • Accessories available

Bring your pliers to the next level while fishing

Top-of-the-Line Angling Pliers

Pliers are arguably the most versatile and frequently used tools in any saltwater angler’s kit. Virtually any situation that requires hands can be performed more precisely (and safely) with pliers, and you can save some serious wear and tear on your hands.

Use saltwater fishing pliers to unhook fish, grab lines, flatten barbs, cut lines, tighten hooks, and so much more. They can even be used as a first-aid tool if you accidentally catch yourself on a hook. Simply put, pliers are a must-own item, and it’s always worth investing in quality tools that are made to last.

Shop Pro-Grade Angling Gear

Toit is a reputable brand that you can trust, so order the pliers you need with absolute confidence. We carry many other angling accessories for your boat, including our Battlewagon Buckets, Max Cooler Trays, and Ice Buddy Cooler Packs. Shop around, and upgrade your setup.

If you have any questions about these saltwater fishing pliers, contact us to speak with our knowledgeable pro staff. We know how important every single tool in your kit is. These high-quality fishing pliers meet our standards, and we’re sure they’ll meet yours. Place your order at Fish Razr.