Dredge Bars

Having a sturdy, reliable dredge bar is a must for serious saltwater anglers. Fish Razr offers a complete inventory of dredge frame bars in different weights and sizes for a variety of applications. Maximize your efforts with high-quality bars that are strong and made of top-grade stainless steel. Also, check out our complete dredge kits for fully assembled and ready-to-go packages.

Strong Bars for Better Fishing

Our Fish Razr dredge bars are extremely strong thanks to the high-quality stainless steel wire and metal alloy center hub. Trust our bar’s strength to bring more fish to your boat, even without tension loops (that are only offered on our 42” professional series bar).

Our dredge bars are perfect for a variety of applications for offshore fishing. Check out our selection of different weights, depending on the level of drag that you need. We are so confident in these products that they are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Feel free to reach out to our friendly team of experts with questions on applications.

Our Selection

Shop Fish Razr for all of your saltwater fishing needs. Whether you’re fishing in a tournament or for your profession, our team is here to help you find the products you need, from dredge tackle and kits to umbrella trolling rigs, lures, and other tackle.

All of our bars are made with durable, high-quality material. So, whether you’re catching smaller fish or squid is a large part of your haul, you’ll find everything you need right here. We know how important it is to have fishing gear and accessories you can trust. Explore all of our products at Fish Razr today!

Super Heavy Wire Dredge Bars

  • Made with .150 diameter .316 stainless steel
  • Ideal for heavy drag dredges
  • Available in 28" and 38", 6 arm bars with 2 loops per arm

Heavy Wire Dredge Bars

  • Made with .125 diameter .316 stainless steel
  • Best used for higher drag dredges, shads, squids, trolling lures, mullet
  • Sizes from 10" to 42"
  • 6 arm bars, available with straight arms for self-installed swivel sleeves or 2 loops per arm

Light Wire Dredge Bars

  • Made with .093 diameter .316 stainless steel
  • Best used for light drag dredges. StripZ, StickZ, FlapZ, Natural Ballyhoo
  • Sizes from 22" to 36"
  • 6 arm bars, available with straight arms or 2 loops per arm

The Takedown Dredge

  • Made with .125 diameter stainless steel
  • These dredge bars are best used for traveling fishermen or fishermen who appreciate a dredge that stores easily
  • Available in 25" or 37" configurations
  • No tools are necessary


What are dredge bars?

A dredge frame consists of multiple bars that hold various baits and teasers as part of a spread. These types of umbrella trolling rigs mimic a school of baitfish, naturally enticing pelagic game fish more effectively than single baits and teasers.

How many dredges should I run?

Running multiple dredges increases your odds. However, that approach does require more work, a larger boat, and a larger crew. That said, you can absolutely run single dredges (or more) on smaller center console boats, too. You can always start with one or two and then add more dredge bars as you go. We highly recommend bringing along at least one spare, as large pelagic fish are capable of damaging even the highest quality dredges.

Which bait and teasers should I add to my bars?

You can combine different bars, baits, and teasers to customize your ideal rig. Light bars work great with thinner teasers that don’t produce much drag—StripZ, InciterZ, and StickZ, for example. Heavy and super-heavy bars are used for larger baits like Tuna FlapZ and rubber squid.

Can I change my bait while I’m on the water?

For a hassle-free experience, use our CustomZ Pre-Rigged Teasers. These dredge bars are designed to make changing out components a quick and simple process. If a certain bait isn’t productive that day, pull up your dredge frame and try something new.

Where in the water should I set umbrella trolling rigs?

There’s no one right placement. The best location depends on a wide range of factors, such as the species, weather, location, boat, personal preferences, and many others. A typical placement is less than six feet deep and around 30-50 feet from the boat. Keep your spread away from prop wash, as both you and your prey may find it difficult to see the bait.

What else should I know about dredge bars?

Our Ultimate Guide to Dredge Fishing is a helpful resource. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.