Max Cooler Trays


Don’t let your bait, fish, or food items go to waste again. Our Max Cooler Trays keep your bait, fish, and other food or drinks neatly organized and easily stacked on top of one another in your cooler. The interlocking and patented stackable design offers maximum food storage and utilization for your coolers.

Whether you need to keep your bait cold before fishing or have your game fish chilled once it's caught, our Max stackable cooler tray system is a must for all anglers. Check out our VIDEO to see it in action!

  • Powder Coated Aluminum
  • Stackable
  • Made in the USA
  • Nested Cutting board option
  • Light Weight
  • For bait, food or anything you want to keep cool and dry

High-Quality Trays

Our trays come in different sizes to accommodate popular cooler brands. We also offer various depths so that these trays can be mixed and matched for your specific storage needs. Our trays are durable and made to last. They come with a generous 5-year warranty, so you can enjoy them for many years to come.

Our trays are constructed from powder-coated aluminum and are made to reflect the heat from the sun. The powder-coated properties will protect the bait trays from the harsh marine environment. Since it’s made from aluminum, it has a high thermal conductivity. This minimizes the effect of temperature change when opening and closing the cooler. As a result, all the icy cold air stays in the cooler and doesn’t escape.

Max Cooler Trays are the perfect item for any outdoor occasions like camping, fishing, and tailgating.

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We proudly offer a wide selection of trays to match all different brands and models of coolers on the market. That’s why you’ll find Igloo cooler trays, Yeti cooler trays, and others to perfectly match your cooler size. Additionally, a full set comes with a cutting board. This is perfect for prepping your fish once you’ve caught it or meal prepping food when you’re camping or out on the water. Use our Max Cooler Trays to maximize your space in the cooler and keep everything inside icy cold.

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