Yeti Max Cooler Trays
Our Yeti cooler baskets are the ultimate Yeti cooler companion! These Yeti cooler trays keep your perishables cold and dry all day long, even on those sweltering summer days. They’re designed to stack and interlock to maximize space and conduct coldness throughout the whole stack from the ice below. They come in a variety of sizes to fit all popular cooler brands and models.

Stay Organized & Reduce Waste

It’s no secret that fishing coolers tend to get crowded, to say the least. These handy trays make it easy to keep your bait, catches, and personal food separated. Our patented design ensures that everything in your cooler stays chilled to prevent spoilage and waste. Each Yeti cooler basket is made in the USA from durable powder-coated aluminum, and they’re fully backed by our five-year warranty. Besides being irreplaceable fishing accessories, they’re great for tailgating, backyard BBQs, camping adventures, and any other occasion that requires portable coldness that lasts. Once you try them, you’ll never go back.

Make Your Cooler Cooler

These trays are sized to fit Yeti coolers. We also have Max Cooler Trays for all other popular cooler brands, such as Igloo, Coleman, Engel, Icey Tek, Calcutta, and Frigid Rigid. While you’re here, be sure to browse all of our tournament-grade fishing products — they’ll help you bring more fish to the boat and fill your cooler. Each Yeti cooler basket is available with an optional cutting board/prep station that fits snugly in the top tray for added insulation and unmatched convenience. You can also mix and match these modular trays with varying depths according to your needs. Buy our high-quality Yeti cooler accessories with total confidence.