Fish Razr’s Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for fishermen, we stock tournament-grade, top-of-the-line products used by tournament champions and charter captains all over the globe. Order any of these high-quality offshore fishing gifts with confidence.

Our Favorite Gifts For Saltwater Anglers

 A cooler with Max Cooler Trays

Max Cooler Trays

Stackable cooler trays keep perishables cold, dry, and organized.

An Ice Buddy cooler pack on a fishing boat

Ice Buddy Performance Gel Cooler Packs

Reusable, non-toxic cooler packs keep cooler items chilled or frozen for hours.

A stack of Battlewagon buckets

Battlewagon Buckets

Every boat needs 5-gallon buckets. Ours are rugged with braided rope handles.

A stack of Battlewagon buckets

Toit Fishing Pliers

Great stocking stuffers. Forged from 410 stainless steel, Toit tools are built to last.

A stack of Battlewagon buckets

Troll Pro® Camera Housings

Outstanding Christmas gifts for fishermen who enjoy filming the underwater action.

A stack of Battlewagon buckets

Fish Fighting Gear

Harnesses, belts, cushions, and gimbals improve safety, comfort, and leverage.

Best Sellers

These are some of our most popular offshore fishing gifts that professional anglers buy and use all year round. You can’t go wrong with any of these best-sellers.

New Products

Shopping for a Fish Razr fan? While it never hurts to have backup gear, giving the fisherman on your list our newest gifts for anglers ensures they don’t already own it.

Fish razr’s Marlin Chugger lures

Saltwater Trolling Lures

Offshore anglers can never have too many lures. If you give them lures they already own, they’ll be happy. If you give them lures they don’t already own, they’ll get to experiment with something new. That’s a win-win. A tackle box filled with Fish Razr lures would make a fantastic Christmas gift for fishermen who appreciate tournament-grade quality and performance.

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Dredge & Teaser Baits

Dredge and teaser baits are perfect for offshore anglers who enjoy dredge fishing. If they don’t already use dredge bars or spreader bars, the holiday season is a great opportunity to give the fisherman in your life a useful present they'll really appreciate. If you need help choosing the right gear for a dredge setup, feel free to contact us.

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Fish Razr’s Phat Squid teasers