Lead Fishing Weights

From 1 ounce to 12 pounds, we carry a wide variety of lead fishing weights and sinkers. Fish Razr weights are made in the USA using the highest purity lead available at 99.9%. All of our weights are crafted with a hardening agent, making each strong and shiny as opposed to pliable and dull. Stock up on lead fishing sinkers and weights today!

Wide Selection of Weights & Sinkers

At Fish Razr, we offer a variety of lead fishing weights and sinkers for your offshore fishing needs. Shop our ½ pound bag of sinkers offered in pyramid, bank, and egg sinker styles. Our deep drop weights are perfect for catching deepwater species or for use in swift currents. These are offered in various weights. In addition to these lead weight styles, we also carry trolling weights. These are perfect for keeping your bait down for tuna or striper or chasing a fast-moving wahoo.

No matter what species you are targeting, our collection of lead weights are high-quality and long-lasting. Proudly made in the USA, they are poured and made in-house by our expert team of fishermen. Stock up on these saltwater essentials today!

Your One-Stop Shop for Your Saltwater Fishing Needs

Take offshore fishing to the next level with our lead fishing weights and other tournament-grade tackle and gear. Our staff of pro anglers have decades of experience and can help you choose the right lures and equipment for your trip. Contact our team of experts today, and we’ll be more than happy to help you find the right solution.

Shop Fish Razr today and get our top-of-the-line fishing tackle and gear in our one-stop shop! Enjoy fast shipping on all orders. We also proudly ship worldwide! Stock up on offshore fishing essentials at Fish Razr today!