Saltwater Trolling Lures

At Fish Razr, we carry a wide selection of premium saltwater lures for a variety of fish species. Our offshore lures are hand-rigged in the USA by our staff, utilizing premium leaders and terminal tackle, including Mustad hooks. Our saltwater fishing lures come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles and are also available rigged or unrigged. Find high-quality trolling lures, and shop our other saltwater tackle products today.

Premium Saltwater Tackle

Whether you’re fishing for marlin, tuna, mahi-mahi, or wahoo, our high-quality trolling lures feature proven designs that will bring more fish to the boat. All of our lures are available rigged or unrigged for your convenience. We also offer select lures that are rigged for bait and include a bait spring, wire, and chin weight. Most resin lures and marlin ranges are rigged with house-made stiff rigs.

In addition to our trolling fishing lures, we also make it easy to shop for other saltwater tackle that you need. At Fish Razr, our online inventory is easy to navigate, and we offer fast shipping. Plus, we have partnered with retailers worldwide so you can shop our products both online and in-store.

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Shop our entire inventory to take your offshore tackle to a new level. Our staff of pro anglers has curated a complete collection of trolling lures, spreader bars, dredge kits, and more. We offer the best brands in the industry in addition to our own brand of Fish Razr tackle. Get the most out of your fishing with premium tackle and gear designed for serious anglers.

Stay up to date with the latest from our inventory and get helpful fishing tips and insights from our pro blog. Trust our selection of premium saltwater tackle and gear today! Shop Fish Razr now!


Should I use natural bait or trolling lures?

Both approaches can be productive, and many offshore anglers run rigs with natural bait and offshore lures together to get the best of both worlds. Saltwater fishing lures and teasers give the spread eye-catching visuals, while the scent of natural bait further entices your prey to explore.

How does my environment affect which trolling fishing lures I should use?

There are many factors to consider when selecting your lures. For example, in darker waters, you may want to use larger, flashier lures with fluorescent or holographic designs. In colder water, you may want to present smaller lures slower than usual to match the activity of your prey. It’s also wise to choose trolling lures that resemble local baitfish, so do your homework before hitting the water.

Should I use dredge bars or spreader bars?

Both types of rigs offer similar benefits—using more lures at once naturally attracts more fish to the boat. Spreader bars are easier to use, as you can keep them at the surface tied to your boat’s cleat or even a fishing line with a hook. If using it as a teaser, when you get a bite, just pull up the rig by hand. Dredge bars expand your reach significantly, as you can place them deeper and further away, but that also requires more effort. Proven to attract billfish.

What do I do if my lures are not working?

Even the best trolling lures have their off days! That just comes with the territory. Either try a new location or switch out your offshore lures. For fast and easy switching, use our pre-rigged trolling lures so that you can try a variety of colors and sizes to see what the fish currently want to chew on.