Ballyhoo Rigs

If you’re looking to build or upgrade a ballyhoo trolling rig, you’ve come to the right place! Compatible with any of our lures, these ballyhoo springs and lure rigs make putting together a tournament-ready setup a breeze. They’re handmade using premium components so you can hit the water with full confidence.

Attract Trophy Game Fish

Ballyhoo trolling rigs are an ideal selection for attracting a wide variety of pelagic fish species to the surface, including tuna, marlin, billfish, mahi-mahi, and wahoo. Whether you run ballyhoo naked or as part of your spread, you can always depend on Fish Razr gear to boost the odds in your favor. Our bait springs are crafted from tough stainless steel, and our ballyhoo trolling rig lures are available in your choice of ultra-sharp 7/0 and 8/0 Mustad hooks. Simply feed the 6’ leader through the lure and use the included crimp to attach the thimble in a loop. Our high-quality gear leads to more productive saltwater adventures, and the sturdy, long-lasting components save you money in replacement costs.

Stock Up on Saltwater Essentials

It’s no secret that trolling rigs take a major beating! Besides using rugged equipment, it’s wise to keep plenty of spare parts on hand so you never need to call it a day early. Explore our huge selection of offshore fishing gear to get everything you need for your ballyhoo trolling rig shipped out fast. These products are compatible with all of our saltwater fishing lures, so go ahead and build your ballyhoo rig to your exact preferences and needs. You can find these ballyhoo springs and lure rigs on the boats of serious anglers all across the sea, including tournament champions worldwide, so place your order with confidence. Bring more fish to the boat with a top-of-the-line ballyhoo rig.