Chrome Catcher- Wide Variety Lures

The Chrome head, Hawaiian eye lures have proven to be some of the most productive lures ever fished. The large Chrome Catchers have a heavier 3.5 oz head for running deeper and faster. The silky, firm hair is the perfect length to cover just enough of the hook. The premium hair colors are perfectly mixed colors, bright whites, brilliant blue, fish catching pink. The smaller versions are the same quality lures, just smaller for short riggers, great over dink baits, using on dredges or pulling naked. These lures are 6.5" in length and are available in bullet head or a flat head with a cup for great surface action.

All lures are available hand rigged by our staff in the United States. We use premium leaders, with ultra sharp Mustad Big Game Hooks. The 6.5" lures are available in 2 rigging styles. Our straight rigging has 6 foot of 150# leader and a 8/0 Mustad hook. These lures are ready to troll straight out of the package. These lures are great in front of a ballyhoo, we now offer bait ready rigging. Rigged for bait lures utilize a chin weight and a stainless bait spring for attaching a fresh ballyhoo. Please see our website for videos for proper ballyhoo rigging.

These lures catch just about anything that swims. The larger 9" Chrome catchers are a great all purpose lure. Troll these on the long rigger, or side riggers on the outer parts of the spread either naked or in front of a medium ballyhoo. Blue/White, Pink/ White lures are great bait mimics and work great on the surface, especially on bright sunny days. These lures are bring in the big game trophy fish. Dark colors are a wahoo magnet. Troll our Black/Purple for that wahoo torpedo that comes crashing thru the spread.