Straight Spreader Bars

These tuna spreader bars are great for teasers or put a hook on them for the best tuna fishing you can find. Each heavy-duty spreader bar is made and assembled in the USA with 316 stainless steel and high-quality terminal tackle. Shop our variety today!

Simple and Effective

Don’t be fooled by their ease of use — spreader bars are powerful teasers that attract all game fish. The reasoning behind their success is simple! By trolling multiple lures, you replicate a school of bait fish.

Saltwater fishing is often a numbers game. More lures mean more fish come to the boat. Tuna spreader bars are an outstanding choice for smaller boats, as they don’t produce nearly as much drag as dredge rigs that run deeper. That said, any offshore angling rig should include at least a spreader or two.

Explore Our Selection

Fish Razr is the ultimate pro shop for offshore anglers who demand the best of the best. We carry a wide variety of tournament-grade tackle. In addition to these tuna spreader bars, we offer other spreader bar kits, such as Wingman spreader bars, as well as more daisy chain teasers.

Order this heavy-duty spreader bar with absolute confidence, knowing it’s hand-rigged by pro anglers who truly care about quality. The equipment you use can make or break the day’s catch. That’s why we only carry top-of-the-line gear from trusted brands. Upgrade your rig today, and enjoy fast shipping at Fish Razr.