Spreader Bar 36" w 14 Squid (Economy Style)

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3.00 LBS


This versatile squid bar is an outstanding surface teaser for all pelagic game fish species. Pull this 36” spreader bar from the corner of your boat to increase the size and reach of your spread. Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, the braced spreader bar features five drops with 14 of our tournament-grade squid hand-rigged in a highly effective staggered pattern. The full-body squids are available in red, pink, green, or blue sparkle, and they’re made with UV additives to attract attention and bring more fish to the boat. Everything comes packaged in a handy mesh carrying bag for convenient storage and transportation.

Depend on this high-quality squid bar to meet your quality and performance standards at a fantastic price. Fish Razr products are highly respected among in-the-know offshore anglers — you can find them on the boats of professionals worldwide. These spreaders are easy to use and would also make a great introduction to those just getting started with spreaders.

Fish Razr is the ultimate one-stop shop for serious saltwater anglers. We offer a wide range of top-of-the-line products, so shop around to find what you need for your next fishing trip or tournament. Browse our other spreader bar kits, including straight spreader bars and wingman spreader bars. If you have any questions about this 36” spreader bar, contact us for expert assistance. Add this squid bar to your spread, and see what a difference using the right bait can make.

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