Troll Pro Camera Housings

Troll Pro® Camera Housings

TrollPro® expands the versatility of your waterproof video camera to produce stunning, professional-quality, underwater video recording of your trolling spread and fishing action. This model is designed to support the full line of GoPro™ HD Hero (*) cameras and the Garmin Virb Camera (cameras not included). These underwater camera housings are rapidly gaining popularity with boaters and sports fishermen as some of the most affordable, high performance, high definition “point-of-view” video cameras with waterproof housing.  Check out a VIDEO of a White Marlin hot on the tails of a StripZ Dredge.

*  Go Pro Hero 9 and 10 are waterproof and do not require an accessory housing like previous models.  Unless you are going beyond 300 foot depth the Hero 9 and 10 fits as is in the Troll Pro.  The Go Pro 9 and 10 alternative accessory housing will not fit into the Troll Pro.

Explore The Waters

Incorporating Troll Pro® technology into your fishing strategy can help you catch bigger, better fish. We know how important it is to understand the water you’re fishing in, and with waterproof camera housings, you can feel confident that your GoPro™ and Troll Pro® technology will be safe and secure. Using cameras on your boat while trolling can help you better understand the movements of fish and can also give insight into what baits and lures they respond best to. Find the right underwater camera housing for your gear at Fish Razr!

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