Dredge Lure Heads

Fish Razr Dredge Enticers are tied lure heads that are light weight and ideal for dredges. The plastic head has a large offset thru hole to keep the lure positioned over pin rigs or other artificial baits. The large hole also allows the head to be able to pass over the pin rig to be quickly changed out. Each lure has high quality hair, in fish raising colors and some include mylar for extra attractant. These dredge lure heads are superior over a traditional lure for dredge fishing. 

These work well in front of Mud FlapZ to give a colorful attractant along with the large dark silhouette. These are sure to bring hungry Marlin up for a closer look. Also use these with our long pin rigs that are built with a longer connector to allow the dredge lure head to sit just in front of the mullet or ballyhoo.