Dredge Lure Heads

Bring more fish to the boat with our dredge heads! Fish Razr Dredge Enticers are tied lure heads that are lightweight and ideal for dredges. The plastic head has a large offset thru-hole to keep the lure positioned over pin rigs or other artificial baits. The large hole also allows the head to be able to pass over the pin rig so you can change it out quickly and easily. Each lure features high-quality hair in fish-raising colors, and some include mylar as an extra attractant.

Experience the Difference

Fish Razr Dredge Enticers are superior to traditional lures for dredge fishing. They work extremely well in front of Mud FlapZ, acting as a colorful attractant along with a large, dark silhouette. Our dredge heads are sure to bring hungry marlin up to the surface for a closer look. You can also use them with our long pin rigs that are built with a longer connector to allow the dredge lure head to sit just in front of the mullet or ballyhoo.

Serious anglers know that the gear you use can make or break the day’s catch. Beyond performance, quality equipment doesn’t need to be replaced as often — a must for saltwater dredge rigs. Our products are trusted by tournament champions worldwide because they’re effective, reliable, and made to last.

Build a Tournament-Ready Rig

We carry everything you need to build or upgrade your dredge rig. Add these dredge heads to your cart, and be sure to check out our other dredge and teaser baits, dredge bars, and dredge fishing accessories. For your convenience, we also have dredge kits that are ready to go. Anglers know that having backups on hand is absolutely essential, so be sure to stock up on supplies so you never have to head home early.

Explore a huge variety of quality, tournament-grade products, and enjoy our rapid shipping times. Whether you’re gearing up for the next competition or getting ready for a casual offshore adventure, you can rely on Fish Razr premium tackle and gear to help you catch more fish. Shop with confidence today!