Tuna Mud Flap Z

We’re thrilled to offer offshore anglers a powerful tool for their kits: FlapZ tuna teasers! A versatile and highly-effective way to entice big game, using a flying fish teaser is a clever tactic that can yield major results. These rubber “mudflaps” mimic the sunlit silhouette that pelagic fish see from below, enticing them to make their way to the surface to investigate. As you can imagine, this method can really help you land those elusive fish that tend to spend their time in deep waters.

Bring More Fish to the Boat

These handy teasers can be trolled in your spread in a number of ways. You can run them behind the boat directly, add tuna teasers to your existing daisy chains, or use them to create a spreader bar or dredge. There are plenty of ways to get creative with them and utilize them as part of your strategy and increase your odds. Made by our own in-house brand, these top-quality teasers feature precision-cut, rubber silhouettes, a thin profile to reduce drag, and a shape that keeps weeds at bay. We offer thinner 1/8" versions for subsurface use and thicker 3/16" versions for surface buoyancy.

Once you try these handy teasers, you’ll never want to be without them! It’s no secret that luring pelagic fish to the surface can be a struggle, and these tuna teasers provide a simple and effective solution that’s irresistible to highly desirable saltwater fish.

Find Everything You Need

We make it easy to buy all of your essentials from one place so you’re always ready for the next tournament or adventure at sea. You can count on our team to ship your order out fast and provide expert customer service. While you’re here, be sure to browse all of our tournament-ready dredge and teaser baits and saltwater trolling lures — we carry the industry’s most respected saltwater fishing brands, vetted and trusted by the community. We also take tremendous pride in our own Fish Razr products, so place your order with absolute confidence.

We’re passionate anglers ourselves, and our products reflect that. Every tackle box needs tuna teasers, and ours are used by professionals and champions worldwide. They’re deceptively simple, but they deliver real, tangible results. Order yours today!