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Saltwater Fishing Gear & Tackle For The Serious Angler

Saltwater Fishing Gear & Tackle For The Serious Angler

Fish Razr is your home for high-quality, effective saltwater fishing gear and tackle. We take pride in providing pro anglers, fishermen, and retailers with dredge fishing supplies, premium lures, dredge kits, and other offshore fishing accessories. Our inventory of saltwater tackle also includes fish-fighting gear, cooler packs, and more, so you can have everything you need from start to finish on the water.

Dredge Tackle
Dredge Tackle

When it comes to offshore fishing gear, our dredge bars,baitsand kits stand alone. We use high-quality materials and one-of-a-kind designs to ensure that you get more fish to the boat.

Spreader Bars
Spreader Bars

Attract and catch more fish with our premium spreader bars. Made of high-grade metals and top-quality lures and baits, these kits are great surface teasers for all pelagic species.

Trolling Lures
Trolling Lures

At Fish Razr, we carry an extensive selection of premium trolling lures for a variety of fish species. Shop our collection of lures that are proudly hand rigged in the USA.


Under boat teasers and stencils appear as baitfish to the fish below. Whether you have a gel coat or painted bottom, we can make your boat raise fish. Shop our saltwater fishing gear today.


Our selection of deep drop rigs and leaders are designed to withstand the pull of large, bottom-dwelling fish. These are perfect for catching tilefish, grouper, queen/red snapper, and yellow eye/silk snapper.


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Shop some of our favorites at Fish Razr! Our team of experienced anglers have taken the time to curate a high-quality and diverse inventory, so you can find all the saltwater tackle and gear you need to catch more fish.

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We’re proud to provide pro anglers with the best tackle and accessories. Shop our collection of best-selling saltwater fishing gear today.

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We’re always on the hunt for the latest gear to add to our inventory. Browse the newest additions to our collection of offshore fishing gear today!


Our saltwater fishing gear and tackle are used internationally by pro anglers in tournaments across the globe. Fish Razr lures, dredge kits, teasers, and more are all designed to enhance your fishing game and give you the best results in every competition.

High-Quality Products

We only carry trustworthy brands and use high-quality materials in crafting our own line of products.

Tournament-Grade Tackle

We carry and manufacture tournament-grade saltwater fishing gear and tackle for the serious angler. Shop high-quality products that you can trust.

Wide Variety of Products

From lures and teasers to fish fighting gear and cooler packs, we carry a wide variety of offshore fishing products.

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We offer fast, free shipping, so you never have to worry about not having what you need out on the water.


After you catch all that big game, you need somewhere to put it. Ice Buddy performance cooler packs are a must for serious anglers because they extend the life of bagged ice for up to 24 hours, are made with non-toxic materials, and are sure to last for years. Plus, you can use them for a variety of occasions, not just storing your saltwater game. Shop now!

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