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FishRazr Teaser Systems


game fish teaser stickers

Designed to be applied directly to the hull of your unpainted boat.

Marine grade holographic and silhouette designs are used to mimic schools of bait to bring fish closer to your spread. Take a school of holographic bait wherever you fish
Precision cut in school patterns in order to give depth perception from below and offer the consumer easy installation. Most applications can be done in an hour or two offering multiple seasons of better fishing.

flap fish bait

Captains and mates from around the world have been hand crafting similar teasers for decades to bring granders to the boat and grands to their wallets.

A simple silhouette teaser designed to pull flat they are lightweight, easy to clear, their shape also leads to less fouling while in the spread. Smaller sizes are perfect for dredges and chains.
What makes ours different? We offer more unique designs, improved shapes, more durable and most importantly.... less expensive than others on the market.
Available in Flying fish, tuna, and squid from sizes 12” to 35”.
fish raiser gamefish bait stencils
The same designs as our holographic under boat teasers cut into paint mask stencils.
Simple to use, once the bottom job is complete, apply stencils in desired locations, roll on a contrasting color bottom paint, once dried simply remove the adhered stencil and no mess, no paint runs.
Available in sizes to accommodate every boat form center console to sport fisher.

fish raiser boat