Dredge Pulling Kit in Waterproof Box with 4lb Fish Weight

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6.00 LBS


Everything you need to pull a dredge from a cleat on a smaller boat. The kit is available either in a waterproof box or mesh carry bag. Inside the kit is a yo-yo with 50 ft of 900lb rated elastic shock cord. One end has a loop to go around a cleat, the other has a 1000lb cork screw dredge swivel. A 900lb connector cable with double 1000lb corkscrew swivels is supplied to attach the dredge to the provided 4lb fish weight. These kits are designed for lighter weight dredges, large dredges can pull a tremendous amount of drag, you will still need to be able to hand line in the dredge in a hurry when the fish of a lifetime peels off the dredge and piles on your lure.


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