StripZ Dredge Kits

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2.00 LBS

Product Overview

Mylar strip dredges are highly productive, easy to use dredges ready to tease, marlin, sailfish, dolphin, tuna and many other pelagic species. These dredges are durable, our strips are double laminated to hold up better as well as plastic grommets. Strip dredges pull little drag, our light bars pulsate under the water making the strips dance under the water. The mylar strips shimmer under the sunlight and our bait fish or ballyhoo are highly reflective. Strip dredges can be pulled at a variety of speeds, these will even work on anchor while kite fishing with enough current. Small strip dredges have 60 fish or ballyhoo, 12- 3.5' long strips hanging from a 22" light wire bar. The super kits are exactly what they say, 90 fish or ballyhoo, 13 5' long strips on a 32" light wire bar. All kits come in a mesh carry bag.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review