Dredge Lure Head Blue Head Blue/Black w Mylar

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This Dredge head has a Blue Head with Blue and Black nylon "hair" and Mylar strips for more flash. Dark colors are very popular for fishing for marlin on overcast days.  Run by themselves or as a cover for FlapZ.

The Dredge Enticers are a dredge lure head designed to go in front of natural or artificial baits to provide more attraction to the dredge. These are made of a lightweight full size head with a wide, offset hole for slipping over pin rigs and keeping the lure upright. Heads are available in pink or blue and have eyes. Then each color head has 3 different color hair options. the hair is silky, shiny and firm. Dredge lure is 9" total length and comes shipped in a tube. These look great in front of a dredge FlapZ.

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