Wahoo Bullet

Wahoo Bullet Lures
The wahoo lure you choose can make or break your catch. Wahoos are known for their blistering speed — up to 60 mph — so you’d better come prepared with top-of-the-line equipment! Our tournament-grade bullet lures are proudly rigged in the USA by professional fishermen and are just what you need to rise to the challenge. Nothing makes a reel scream like a wahoo, so get geared up and ready for the bite and the fight.

Tournament-Ready Tackle

Our lures are hand-rigged in the USA by experienced professionals, giving you the edge needed to bring more game fish to the boat. These lures are heavy enough to travel well below the surface and into the wahoo zone. Each wahoo lure has a solid stainless steel head that delivers straight tracking, even at top speeds. Choose from a variety of colors and configurations to meet your unique needs and personal preferences. When it comes to hard-fighting game fish like wahoo, only the best lures will do. See for yourself why Fish Razr lures are trusted and used by champion anglers worldwide.

Shop With Confidence

We make it easy for serious saltwater anglers to get everything they need from one convenient place. Browse our premium trolling lures and dredge and teaser baits to equip your rig with the industry’s highest quality tackle. If you have any questions, please check our FAQ or contact our pro staff. Not every wahoo lure is the same, so don’t settle for less. If you want to catch the big one, you must use quality equipment or you risk missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is especially true for wahoo, a species that’s notoriously difficult to catch. Depend on our bullet lures to help you land this elusive fish.