Wahoo Bullet 8.5" (115 Grams)

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The wahoo bullet is a mighty lure in smaller package. It has a heavier metal head weighing a quarter pound, it's shaped in a bullet cone shape to cut thru the water at high speeds for wahoo, tuna and every other fast moving species. We utilize darker wahoo oriented colors on our premium double skirts. The rigged versions are hand rigged with 275 pound stainless steel wire and 8/0 Mustad hooks.

  • Solid Core Chrome Head
  • Designed for trolling at any speed
  • UV resistant double skirts
  • Availble professionally rigged in the USA
  • Premium Mustad Hooks and Stainless Steel Wire

Want to keep it in the water at higher speeds or get lower in the water column.  Add an inline trolling sinker.  Rigged and ready to go.

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