Marlin Chugger/Range Lures

Take home the trophy or even set a world record with our chugger and range marlin lures. An updated version of one of the most productive big game fish lures out there, these blue marlin lures are designed and hand-rigged by true anglers for true anglers (unrigged lures are also available). Packed with pro features that are proven to be extremely effective at attracting marlin and other prized species, these outstanding lures are just what you need to bring more fish to the boat.

A Classic Lure Upgraded

We pulled out all the stops with these high-performance lures. The vibrant colors are irresistible, and the soft lure head has a deep concave design that delivers outstanding action when trolled at various speeds, ideally between 6 and 14 knots. These marlin lures have improved skirts that last longer and stay secured in the head. Both the inner and outer skits can also be interchanged or replaced. The tentacles conceal the hook, but they won’t obstruct it when the fish bites. The tentacles’ thin diameter allows them to flow through water naturally and realistically. Top champions depend on these lures in tournaments worldwide, so order yours with absolute confidence.

Order High-Quality Tackle

Fish Razr is your one-stop-shop for tournament-grade gear that’s made to our top quality standards right here in the USA. We also carry products from other reputable brands, so you can get everything you need from one convenient place. After adding these marlin lures to your cart, stock up on other saltwater trolling lures and dredge and teaser baits, as well as essential tackle like lead fishing weights and daisy chain teasers. Our pro staff is always happy to help, so please contact us if you have any questions. Using the right lures doesn’t guarantee success, but it certainly tips the odds in your favor. Add these highly productive blue marlin lures to your kit today!