Calcutta Max Cooler Trays

Our patented Max Cooler Trays are the ultimate Calcutta cooler accessories that should be standard gear on every fishing boat. These handy, modular trays interlock with each other, ensuring that perishable items like your catches, prepped bait, and personal food stay cold, dry, and organized all day — even on those sweltering summer days offshore. Once you try them, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them.

An Innovative Storage Solution

Seasoned anglers know you can never have enough cooler space. Between the day’s catches and your prepped bait (not to mention your personal food and drinks), coolers can get crowded fast. Maximize your space and reduce waste with trays that keep everything fresh and organized. These rugged Calcutta cooler accessories are made in the USA from durable powder-coated aluminum, and they’re fully backed by our 5-year warranty. When you’re not using your trays on fishing trips, bring them along anywhere where portable coldness is required, like camping trips, tailgate parties, and backyard cookouts. No cooler is complete without Max Cooler Trays!

Choose the Right Size

Max Cooler Trays come in a variety of sizes and depths, and we make them for every major cooler brand, including Igloo, Coleman, Yeti, Icey Tek, Frigid Rigid, and Engel. Before adding these Calcutta cooler accessories to your cart, check the specs to make sure you’re selecting the right size for your cooler’s brand and model. We also offer an optional cutting board/prep station that provides a convenient surface to work with, as well as added insulation — save 10% when you get the complete set of trays and cutting board. Fish Razr is your one-stop-shop for tournament-grade fishing products, so shop around to find everything you need for your next offshore adventure. Get organized with Max Cooler trays.