ICEY-TEK Cooler Trays

A must-own accessory for offshore anglers, our ICEY-TEK cooler organizer trays deliver all-day coldness while keeping your perishable items organized and accessible. These patented trays feature a modular design — they interlock to maximize space while conducting coldness throughout the entire stack. Eliminate clutter, reduce waste, and make the most of your cooler space. Simple yet highly effective, these handy trays are a game-changing storage solution that belongs on every boat.

Clear the Clutter

We’ve all been there — between your prepped bait, food, and drinks, you’re lucky if you have any room left for the fish you catch (not to mention how difficult it is to find what you need). These ICEY-TEK cooler organizer trays let you create convenient compartments so your perishables stay tidy and manageable. They also keep your cooler’s contents colder for longer, even on those sweltering summer days in the sun. Besides being the ultimate fishing boat accessory, they’re great for any event that requires all-day coldness, including camping trips, backyard grilling sessions, tailgating parties, and road trips.

Choose the Right Tray

Max Cooler Trays come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all major cooler brands, including Igloo, Coleman, Yeti, Calcutta, Frigid Rigid, and Engel. Check the brand, model, and measurements to ensure your trays are compatible with your cooler. Deep and thin cooler organizer tray options allow you to customize your setup according to your needs. We also offer a super convenient cutting board/prep station that you can purchase separately or with the complete set for 10% off. Fish Razr stocks a huge selection of tournament-grade fishing products, so browse around. Experience the difference. Upgrade your coolers with Max Cooler Trays.