Natural Bait Dredge Kits

This complete kit is everything you need to build a mullet or ballyhoo dredge, minus the bait. This kit makes it easy. Available in 2 styles, heavy and light wire. The light wire bars are great for ballyhoo or smaller mullets that will be pulled at slower speeds or in good conditions. Utilize the heavy wire bars for hearty mullet or if you are adding lures and or artificial baits that create more drag. The bars have swivels attached at the loops, then an EZ clip style connector on the swivel. The EZ clip allows for the pin rig to be quickly attached, and removed if you want to replace a bait or switch dredge lure head colors. Light wire bars come with 12 1oz Fish Razr pin rigs, Heavy wire dredge bars come with 12 2oz Fish Razr pin rigs. All this comes in a heavy duty mesh storage and carry bag. Mullet dredges are a must for tournament marlin anglers, we have taken a lot of the leg work out of the process, giving you more time to take care of the thousand other tournament prep items!