Squid & Shad

Shop our vibrant collection of squid and shad lures. All Fish Razr soft baits are made of high-grade plastic for durability and are made to last. We use a special U.V. additive in our plastics to attract more fish. Explore our selection today!

Explore Our Collection

Our bright and beautiful collection of squid and shad lures are designed to bring more fish to your boat. Our artificial shad or squid baits can be used for dredges, teasers, or as a lure. Add the saltwater squid or shad plastic onto a dredge, end of a teaser line, or combine them with a hook to create a squid lure. Catch trophy-winning fish with these artificial soft baits!

Why choose Fish Razr squid and shad?

  • Durability: Our plastics are made with high-quality materials and are designed for extreme saltwater conditions.
  • Visibility: Our plastics feature U.V. additives to enhance the color and give a glow when placed in the water.
  • Life-like Appearance: Our tackle resembles a real-life squid down to the detail and length.

Our Experienced Staff

The crew at Fish Razr has decades of experience with tournament success. Our pro anglers are dedicated to providing you with the best tournament-grade tackle, including squid and shad lures, complete dredge kits, premium trolling lures, under hull teasers and stencils, and more. Our comprehensive collection ensures you’re always stocked up and ready to go on your next fishing expedition.

Whether you’re trying to restock on teaser baits or need something new, our team at Fish Razr is here to help. We offer fast shipping, so you’ll get your tackle right at your doorsteps in no time. Shop our high-quality, tournament-grade tackle and gear today!