Holographic Teaser Baits

Our holographic fishing lure line provides serious anglers with versatile dredge and teaser bait options. We have two styles to choose from: Fish StickZ and InciterZ. Both of these holographic dredge teaser baits offer outstanding benefits when used on a dredge rig. They’re lightweight and super thin for very little drag, and they’re extremely durable. Build a dredge full of Fish StickZ and InciterZ, or mix them in with our mud FlapZ, natural baits, or other artificial dredge and teaser baits.

Fish StickZ

Fish StickZ are complete holographic teaser baits. Both sides feature edge-lit fluorescent materials and vibrant 3D patterns. The round holographic pattern on each holographic fishing luremimics fish eyes and gills to give a glowing shimmer from the sun’s reflection. They’re available in full-size fish shapes, as well as a thinner option. They cut through the water with ease so they can be trolled at slower speeds when live baiting or kite fishing. The lighter blues and pinks are ideal for sailfish and surface-striking meat fish. The darker dolphin and royal blue are great for marlin, mahi, and tuna. We also offer hot chartreuse colors if you’re seeking striped bass and rockfish teasers and lures.


InciterZ are available in six color patterns for every species. Each InciterZ holographic fishing lure has the properties of a mud flap silhouette on one side in black or blue, and colorful, holographic patterns on the other. The tuna shapes cut through the water, the round front wicks weeds away, and the hole patterns on the tail create a unique bubble pattern behind the baits. They’re made from a polycarbonate plastic material for extreme durability while also being lightweight. These top-of-the-lineholographic dredge teaser baits add some alluring sparkle to your dredge rig, and they’re in-stock and ready to ship out fast. Gain the competitive edge with tournament-grade holographic fishing lures from Fish Razr!