Phat Squid Chain 2/pk

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Phat Squid Chains make fantastic dredge and teaser baits—they’re small but have a lot of surface area that makes a great bait presentation. These Phat Squid are rigged in chains of five and have a coast lock at the top and a horseshoe loop at the end, allowing the chains to be connected together to make longer chains. You can also attach them to other CustomZ products to build a custom trolling set up quickly and easily. Available in six vibrant sparkle and fluorescent colors, these squid baits are irresistible. Fish Razr products are made by anglers for anglers, so add Phat Squid Chains to your kit with absolute confidence.

Our line of CustomZ pre-rigged dredge and teaser baits make building a custom dredge a snap. You can also switch them out to equip your setup as needed depending on what species you’re targeting, the weather conditions, your location, and your current mood. Keep extras on hand so you can make adjustments on the fly and replace them as needed. CustomZ products are an ideal introduction to custom dredge building for beginners, but seasoned offshore anglers also appreciate their convenience, versatility, and productivity.

While you’re here, explore all of our tournament-grade dredge and teaser baits so you’re fully prepped for your next deep-sea fishing trip or competition. After adding these Phat Squid Chains to your cart, shop our dredge bars, dredge kits, and spreader bars to complete your rig. We ship fast, and our customer service is the best in the industry—contact us if you have any questions. Ready to bring more fish to the boat? Order top-quality tackle at Fish Razr.

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