Dredge Ready Rigged FlapZ 3/pk

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Our line of CustomZ pre rigged dredge and teaser baits make building custom dredges a snap. These FlapZ are rigged with premium 300 pound mono and coast lock snaps making attaching them easy. All FlapZ have tail holes for allowing them to be chained together in different configurations including more FlapZ, Squid or even your favorite lure. FlapZ can be attached directly to bars, to each other or to 9" and 12" squid. Create your own dredge or teaser chain with these two hole mudflaps.

FlapZ are great for most kinds of offshore fishing.  Can be attached to dredges, daisy chains or spreader bars.  We have even seen people succefully rig in-line with lures to catch fish.  No matter if you are billfishing or catching the Mahi on the troll, adding more teasers is always a great bet.

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