Choosing A Dredge Weight

When choosing a weight for a dredge there are many factors to take into consideration.  Speed and components play a role in stye and poundage of the dredge weight.  We have designed our Fish Weights with mid-section line attachment point and "wings" to help decrease the overall amount of weight needed versus say a downrigger ball.  Below gives some scenarios of pulling a dredge behind a boat trolling using the Fish Weight.

The goal of a dredge weight is to keep the dredge under the water submerged while trolling for offshore pelagic species such as marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo and dolphin.  The following information is not a guarantee but a guideline to help you make a good decision.

Small or Light Weight Dredges.  Dredges such as the StripZ, Inciters, Bucket or FishStickZ dredges do not pull much drag.  Therefore stay under the water with less weight.  Typically a 4 Pound Fish Weight is ideal for almost all scenarios.  Now you can't pull the dredge at 14 knots and expect it to stay under the water.  But at typcal trolling speeds of 3-7 knots the 4 pound is perfect.

Medium weight dredges.  Heavy dredge bars with squid and mudflaps will need a little more weight.  Granted if you only have say 20 squid on the dredge you may get away with a 4 pound but with the heavier dredge bars most people put 40-100 "baits" on the dredge.  This increases the drag and "lift" of the dredge.  A 6 or 8 pound weight will be needed.  

Large Dredges.  These would include super heavy bars with lots of teasters such as the 3-D Tuna or Tuna Tornado Dredges which have 170 baits on there.  Got to keep it under the water.  A 10 or 12 Pound weight will be needed.  

With all of this being said.  If you happen to choose a weight that is not quite enough.  Or also for some rougher days with high  Do not fear.  Add an inline trolling weight in front.  Problem solved.