Squid and Shad

Squid and Shad


  • Available in 5.25", 9" and 12"
  • High quality plastics
  • Vibrant colors
  • Easy to rig for lures, dredges and teasers
  • UV additive

Our tournament grade 9" and 12" squid are the best choice for dredges, teasers, or as a lure. All Fish Razr squids are full bodied, high grade soft plastic injected molded. We use vibrant fish attracting colors and add an UV additive to make the colors come alive under the water with sun light. All squids have a thru body chamber for rigging and painted eyes. 


Put some wiggle in your spread.  These saltwater shad can be added to a dredge, end of a teaser line or combined with a lure and/or hook to catch more fish.  

  • Highest Quality Plastics for Durability
  • 11" Marlin Shad have Ultra-Thick Tails
  • UV Added for better color glow

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