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fish razr merchandise available


Do they work?  Absolutely. During development, testing yielded reports of Razr's bitten in half and thumps as fish occasionally ran into the boat attempting to eat them.

How hard are they to install?  No harder than a typical vehicle decal. Follow the included instructions and you shouldn't have any problem. If you run into a snag, email us at and we'll contact you with help.

Where can I get help if I decide they are too difficult to install?  Fish Razr is currently working to set up Certified Application Centers. Please check back updates to our site or contact us at

Will my trailer bunks damage them?  Trailer bunks may damage Razrs. It is important to apply them far enough away from the bunks/rollers to avoid them during trailering.

Do they work with bottom paint?  Fish Razrs are not recommended for use with ablating or non-ablating bottom paint. Due to bottom paints properties that allow it to work, adhesion is not possible. We now offer a complete line of stencils to be used while conducting hull maintenance.

What kind of maintenance is required?  To maintain optimal reflection, Razrs should be rinsed and or washed like the rest of the boat. Avoid pressure washing, harsh detergents, or stiff bristle brushes as they may damage the Razrs.

How long will they stay on?  Developmental products have been on boats for as long as 3 years. However different conditions, amount of use and mishaps while on the water and trailering will affect longevity. It is common to lose a small percentage over time and they will need to “refreshed” every so often.

Which color is better?  All of the colors work. Contrast leads to the best results. New colors such as black and red have showed excellent results on white and light color hulls as well as the original blue. Overlaying and offsetting contrasting colors has been highly effective as well. Starting with a darker color and offsetting a silver on top leads to optical illusions when viewed from underwater.

I have a 23" boat, how many do I need?  It depends on the trailer configuration. We recommend a minimum of 100 per 100 square feet of hull (hull width x hull length), i.e. a 20' boat that is 6' wide would have approximately 120 square feet of hull.

Do they work on “fast boats”?  Absolutely. Original testing was conducted by moving water 300mph over the products with no failures. We currently have multiple test boats of different shapes and  speed we utilize to test longevity and performance. One of our test boats is a 39” Contender stepped hull.

How long do they take to install?   Each individual "school" should take 5-10 minutes to install. This does not include initial prep due to varying condition of boats.

Can I store my boat in the water with them on?   While the occasional week long vacation moorage won't hurt, Fish Razrs are not recommended for in-water storage.