Hull Cleaning Mitts

If your bottom paint is fairly new or fresh, use the Top Shelf Marine Products to keep it shipshape.

#1 Hull Mitt  The soft Microfiber mitt will work on the slime while preserving the paint. As the paint gets a little older and the slime and soft growth get more easily established use the Top Shelf Marine Products

#2 Medium Coarse Hull Mitt  The scour pad material is more aggressive on more established marine growth. For maximum cleaning of thick slime and marine growth, use the Top Shelf Marine Products

#3 Coarse Hull Mitt  This will remove the heavy build up the quickest. It is also the most aggressive on the remaining bottom paint as well. Because of this we recommend using this on the “last 1/3” of the paints anticipated life. If you ever see a “plume” of paint in the water, you’re using a mitt or brush that may be overly aggressive.

Use the least abrasive mitt or brush that removes the slime or soft growth but leaves as much paint as possible. Modern Ablative paints are much more Eco-Friendly than they were some years ago, but you should always be prudent and try to remove the growth and preserve the paint. There will be less impact on the environment and you may be able to stretch the period between haul outs. Always check for compliance with State and local regulations.

Barnacles and other hard growth are sharp, always use our mitts with the appropriate gloves. You should also note that our mitts are consumables, so for longer life, you should chip or scrape hard growth prior to the rub down with the mitt.