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2.50 LBS


Introducing the new Seamount Carbon Fiber Gimbal. This is the most technical gimbal ever made. These gimbals were designed for anglers trying to catch sea monsters on stand up. These gimbals are an extreme upgrade to the stock harness that is included with the Seamount "Moko" Stand Up Harness.

  • Prepreg Carbon Fiber
  • 12" Tall x 20" Wide
  • 2.5 lbs
  • 700lb breaking strength
  • Adjustable Gimbal height
  • Polycarbonate Gimbal
  • Soft EVA Foam Padding
  • One year unlimited warrant

Seamount was started by Jerry Meredith, an avid kiteboarder and fisherman.  For many years, he realized that his kiteboarding harness was much better than his old fishing harness in every way.  A few years ago, Jerry met a famous kite designer while kiting.  The rest is history.  We started with the MOKO stand up harness in 2015.  In 2017, we introduced the CHARLES PERRY PRO BUCKET HARNESS at the Miami Boat Show.  Our current mission is to design and build the best stand up gimbal on the market.  We continue to innovate and improve our product line.  In 2020, we will introduce a new carbon fiber gimbal that is twice the size of our current gimbal.  Additionally, it is lighter, stronger, more flexible and much more comfortable.  The new gimbal is a great upgrade to our standard gimbal for those who are chasing giants or simply want the very best equipment.

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