Charles Perry Pro Bucket Harness

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Durable, lightweight construction, exceptional comfort, and incredible attention to detail make this the best fish harness on the market. Seamount is a reputable brand that’s famous for delivering top-quality harnesses, and this one is the result of the company’s partnership with Charles Perry, an IGFA Hall of Fame captain. Anglers are sure to appreciate memory foam padding that delivers all-day comfort, as well as the X-Spine design that offers unmatched support. The 316 stainless steel reel clips look smart, and they provide superior resistance to corrosion and regular wear and tear. The straps are super easy to adjust, and they fit perfectly in the harness. The bottom of the bucket harness is crafted out of woven nylon that won’t damage your chair.

Ask any angler who’s used it—this harness is absolutely worth every cent. It’s made to last for the long haul, ensuring that you’re able to enjoy a comfortable, safer fishing experience every time you head out to sea. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. Invest in the best.

Fish Razr is where in-the-know offshore anglers get all of their gear. We carry a variety of other fishing belts and gear, as well as a huge selection of tournament-grade tackle. If you have any questions about this bucket harness, contact us. We’re confident you’re going to be thrilled with your new fish harness, and we’ll ship it out fast so you can start enjoying it as soon as possible. Order this top-of-the-line harness now, and turn your battle chair into a throne.

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