Deckhand Series Hose Spray Nozzles

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  • Blaster - Concentrated Jet Spray
  • Soaker - Open Full Flow
  • All Brass and Stainless Components
  • No Mar White Coating

A few months ago we replaced the 5th hose nozzle on our Sportfish in about a year.  It seems we've tried all kinds of designs at all kinds of prices and they were all a disappointment.  Either they don't shut off all the way or they're so cheaply made the handles break off, they dribble and UV eats them up.  Or they are so big and clunky they're hard to stow.  We tried an all brass "barrel" style but you need two hands to operate it and it chinks the deck if you drop it. 

You just can't find the ones your Dad had that lasted for 20 years or more.  So we set to work to find a hose nozzle that would be extremely well suited for on-board work as well as boat yards and marinas and also maintain the high quality and longevity that our products are known for.

We had several objectives in mind when we sourced the "Deckhand Series" Hose Nozzles

  1. One hand operation, off is off and on is on, nothing in between
  2. Extremely high quality, both in Design & Construction
  3. Made in the good old USA
  4. Slim & streamlined, so you could stow it almost anywhere
  5. Water saving design, no leaks or dribbles that cycled the boats potable water pump
  6. Drop it and it shuts off automatically and completely

What we ended up with is a proven, high quality design, using the finest materials and assembled by hand, here in the U.S. for years of rugged industrial use.  Then using our Purpose Built philosophy we "marinized" it for use on-board. 

Available in two models, the base Deckhand Series hose nozzles have been used in agricultural, farming, heavy equipment and commercial truck fleet applications for years.  They are pretty much bulletproof and simple to operate, all you do is slightly depress the end and the  "Blaster" shoots a concentrated jet of water.  Perfect for clearing the cockpit quickly.  The "Soaker" model provides a full flow of water with little pressure that is great for wash downs, it won't kick up suds or spatter your neighbor's boat in the slip next to you.  Release it and it shuts completely off, no leaks, no dribbles.  This will be the last hose nozzle you'll bring aboard....unless you need more than one.

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