Dolphin Daze JR. 5.5"

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The dolphin daze lure lure is a dolphin magnet. This simple to use lure is a must in any spread. Don't limit this lure to Mahi Mahi, its also great for sailfish, tuna, kingfish and more. Its avaialbe in 2 sizes, and multiple head colors. The heads are lighweight, have a concave face to give it great surface action. The oversized wobbly eye completes the head. All lures are double skirted with UV enhanced skirts that stand up to fish strikes. All Dolphin Daze lures are avaialble rigged and unrigged. The rigged lures come ready to fish with quility components, premium monofilament and Mustad Hooks. A rigged for bait version is also availalbe to easily add a ballyhoo to the lure.

Dolphin Daze is 6.5" overall length.

Dolphin Daze Jr. is 5.5" overall length.