Krazy Salt's Bait Salt or Brine

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Keep baits fresh longer!

Properly brining or salting your bait assures longer trolling time. Krazy Bait Brine is the preferred choice of captains and avid fisherman worldwide. All natural but not intended for direct human consumption.

What is the difference in Salting and Brining?  Get the right product for your needs.  Salt is formulated to add directly to the bait.  Simply sprinkle on your bait, wait a while and it's ready.  Bait now is going to last longer and look more natural.  Brine you add a liberal amount to iced salt water then soak your bait for at least two hours.  The solution penetrates the bait making it "tougher", thus giving the angler a better quality bait.  Anglers around the world prefer both methods.  No matter what, either product will give you a better quality bait for fishing.

Quality ingredients but not for human consumption.