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Krazy Salt’s bait brine and salt both improve the freshness and overall quality of your bait in different ways. This salt is formulated to add directly to the bait. Simply sprinkle it on your bait, wait a while, and it's ready. Your bait is now going to last longer and look more natural. With brine, you add a liberal amount to iced salt water and then soak your bait for at least two hours. The solution penetrates the bait, making it tougher, so it stays on the hook more securely. Anglers around the world prefer both methods. Bait salt or bait brine is a great way to keep your bait from "washing out” and will give you a better bait. These products are good for ballyhoo, mullet, mackerel, you name it. Quality, all-natural ingredients, but not for human consumption.

If you’re not using bait salt and/or brine, you’re missing out! Not only does it improve the texture and flavor of the bait, but it also helps to keep it fresh for longer, drastically slowing bacterial growth. You can also preserve your thawed leftover bait that’s not suitable for refreezing. Make the most of your bait, reduce waste, and bring more fish to the boat.

Fish Razr is the ultimate one-stop shop for serious offshore anglers. Shop all of our other dredge fishing accessories and tournament-grade tackle. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Like everything we carry, you can order this bait salt and bait brine with full confidence, knowing it’s used and trusted by experienced anglers who know what works. Catch more fish with better bait — it’s that simple.

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