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Ours is all Stainless Steel!

From Walkers Cay through the Abacos to Chub Cay, Bimini and on down to Cat Island, San Sal and Rum Cay, you’ve probably thrown back a few cold Kaliks and played the ring toss game. What makes this game so great?

  • There's no coin slot, you usually play for free
  • Little to no athleticism is required
  • You only need one hand – so you can hold your beer in the other
  • Score keeping is pretty easy – it’s hooked or it’s not and you can make up your own score keeping or tournaments.
  • If the Game is “down”, Tech Service is usually on site – anyone who can tie a knot  or screw a screw can fix it

The Top Shelf Marine Products version of the Ring Toss game comes with everything you need to start playing right out of the pack, including directions on how to set it up.  Our version comes with high quality 304 stainless steel hardware (so it will stay in Top Shelf condition even outside), the ring is welded and then electropolished.  12 feet of high quality Dacron line is included to fit many different installations.  If you're going to install this outside on a patio or deck along the water you need the high quality stainless hardware that comes with this game.  We've had some Folks along the Intracoastal tell us some other games have lasted less than two months before they rusted and scaled so bad they had to take them down.  There are other games out there, but we haven't found one with all stainless hardware. These are great for your bar, patio, Tiki hut or office.  They also make great gifts and you’re cruising, fishing and diving friends will always remember those crazy times they’ve played the ring toss game with you no matter where you were in the Caribbean!!!! When ordered individually, up to 3 Ring Toss Games ship for the same price.

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