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1.00 LBS


These fishing rubber bands are made by our own in-house brand, Fish Razr, so you can count on professional quality. Our rigging bands offer superior strength, memory retention, and resistance to UV and saltwater damage. Use them for leader wraps, pinning baits to your reel for flat lines, holding your line on outrigger tag lines or in clips, connecting sinkers, glowsticks, and lights…the possibilities are endless. The bag comes with one pound of bands. #32 bands are medium grade. #64 bands are larger and more heavy-duty—ideal for trolling bigger bait.

Experienced offshore anglers know that even minor details can lead to major results. Your terminal tackle is the direct connection to your target, so don’t overlook the importance of your fishing rubber bands. The Fish Razr pro staff consists of professional anglers who know what works. Rest assured that our products are made to the highest standards for quality and performance.

Whether you’re gearing up for a tournament or a casual day on the water, our professional-grade tackle will help you bring more fish to the boat. You can never have too many rigging bands in your kit, so stock up. We ship fast and orders $99+ ship free. Quality gear yields quality results—some things in life really are that straightforward. You can always depend on Fish Razr to keep you supplied with top-of-the-line equipment that gets the job done right. Sure, fishing rubber bands aren’t the most exciting items in your tackle box, but you’ll be glad to have them when you need them. Get your pro-grade terminal tackle at Fish Razr.

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