Stencils 24" Squid 5 Sheets

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Big squid attract big fish.  Each pack contains FIVE 24 inch squid.

Turn your boat into a teaser with our easy to use stencils. These stencils are a one time use, paint mask. These paint masks have great fish designs cut into them, either in school patterns or large squids or tunas. The school stencils are available in squid, mackerels and flying fish. They are designed with different sizes to give depth perception when viewed from below. The large squids and tunas come one to a sheet, 18" or 24" and are great for larger sportfish style boats. After completing your bottom job and having a clean surface, simply apply the stencil paint mask sheets in your desired locations, then roll a contrasting color of paint over the stencil, once dry, peel off stencil, no clean up, no runs, ready to go. Each package provides about 10 square feet of coverage.  Check out this simple video of SlayRide in Charleston SC with StencilZ.  There is another video down below with more detail.

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