Trolling Striper Lures - Mojos and Jigs

There’s more to successful trolling than simply tossing out your line and letting the boat do all the work. A premium saltwater lure exponentially increases your odds of hooking more stripers, tuna, batfish, mackerel, and other fish than a standard drag and snag.

Fish Razr’s mojos and jigs are fishing-catching machines. Our striper luresare super versatile for striped bass fishing and most effective when slow trolling in deep waters. Mojos can be fished on a wireline, lead-core, braid, or tandem via a three-way rig. They’re designed to imitate live baitfish that are moving quickly or appear to be injured. Shop our collection!

Irresistible Striper Lures

Don’t let stripers get away again. Mojos and jigs are some of the best lures for trolling striped bass. Our striper jigs and mojos come in a variety of fluorescent colors and sizes, so you can mix and match based on your needs. Not to mention, they’re pre-rigged, so you can spend less time with the setup and more time fishing large stripers. Our mojo luresare constructed from premium, tournament-grade Mustad hooks, ensuring the ultimate durability and strength. When stripers are feeding on bait, fire out a mojo or two and let them lure in your big catch. They’re also well suited for bottom feeders like lingcod, halibut, and grouper, just to name a few.

Saltwater Tackle & Gear

Stock up to complete your fishing arsenal at Fish Razr with the best dredge and teaser baits, dredge kits, trolling striper lures, and other tackle and gear you need for your next expedition. We carry a wide variety of products from the most reputable brands in the industry in addition to our in-house brand.

Need help choosing the right tackle or gear? Our pro anglers are here to help. Contact us today. We have decades of experience and can point you to the best products for your needs. Not to mention, we offer fast shipping worldwide. Shop Fish Razr now!