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Engineered to provide much-needed leverage when fighting large game fish, the T-Bar Rod Holder delivers the best of both worlds—a rod cushion meets a traditional fighting belt. The ergonomic T-shaped design prevents your rod from digging into your body by distributing the pressure coming from the bottom of your rod. A great alternative to bulky fighting belts, the pocket-sized T-Bar is compact and lightweight, and the included lanyard and carabiner (with bottle opener) attach to your belt or chair for quick and easy access. Don’t be fooled by its size—this rugged accessory can handle anything that strikes your line.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the T-Bar Rod Holder work?

Using the T-Bar is a breeze! When it’s time to fight, simply attach it to the bottom of your rod, and place it on your stomach or leg (or wherever you get the best leverage). The distributed pressure prevents pain and bruising caused by the rod digging into your body.

What is it made out of?

The T-Bar is made out of aluminum that’s lightweight yet extremely durable. It also has foam padding for long-lasting comfort throughout the entire fight. Stand Up Fishing makes high-quality products.

What size rod can I use this with?

The T-Bar Rod Holder is compatible with virtually any rod on the market. It also has a pin so you can lock it right onto your rod’s gimbal. If you’re not sure it’ll fit your rod, contact us for expert assistance.

To learn more about the T-Bar, watch this YouTube video.

High-Quality Fishing Gear

We were thrilled to partner with Stand Up Fishing to bring you this top-of-the-line product. Shop a wide variety of fish fighting gear, including the Rod-Cap for those who prefer an even more compact rod cushion, as well as traditional fighting belts and harnesses. We only stock the highest quality offshore angling products, so don’t hesitate to order your T-Bar Rod Holder. Once you add it to your setup, you’ll never go back. Fighting ferocious fish can be a lot of work, but the T-Rod can make reeling the fish much easier. Order yours at Fish Razr today.

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