3-D Dredges (Single and Double)

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11.00 LBS


Take your billfishing to the next level.  The 3-D Tuna Dredge is the ultimate rig for underwater bait balls.  With a combination of 14" 3-D FlapZ on outer circle and dredge heads over mud flaps, this dredge is sure to attract and hold fish near your trolling spread.  Available in either single or double 38" 13 looped stainless steel dredge bar.  The inner strand teaser is a 14" flapz with a weighted blue and white chrome head.

  • The Ultimate Dredge
  • Combines 3-D technology for great underwater views
  • Syuper Heavy Duty 0.150" 13 loop Stainless Steel Dredge Bar
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